Tori Aphantri

“Aphantri” / ah · pahn · trē / 
Thai for “soulmate”                                                                      
Even after two decades in the beauty industry, I continue to be amazed by the creativity, artistry and transformation that can be achieved with such simplicity. It has the ability to invoke a feeling from within, whether it is happy, confident or sexy. The same can be said about flowers on someone’s birthday. Flowers are an echo of emotion from the heart manifested in a beautiful gift that lets the person know they are surrounded by love. It can uplift their spirit and change their perspective.
I wanted to make an item of love that also influenced one’s mood or could be used as an expression of their personality. Tealight candles were perfect because it lets scents transform your mood. Certain fragrances tend to promote positive emotions like lavender and sandalwood to stimulate a calming sensation, or orange, patchouli and ylang ylang to set the mood for a romantic date. I intentionally decided on the tealight candle as I felt that it deserved more attention than it was receiving. It is small, but no less powerful for the aura you wish to create.