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November 25, 2018
Floating Candles
November 25, 2018
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Floating Candles


These floating candles are made of the highest quality soy blend wax that melts much slower than normal and will burn for 6 hours straight. They can be used for a more romantic mood or set up to provide a relaxing environment. They provide a brilliant combination of a soft flame with the reflection of water. You can choose from soft subtle colors to bold bright colors to really make an impact.

– Soy Blend wax with lead free cotton wicks. Unscented.
– Solid color wax throughout the candle.
– 2 inches in diameter × 1 inch height, set of 16
– Smokeless – 6 hour burn time each.
– Floats on water.
– Each floating candle is poured and wicked by hand, one candle at a time, to ensure quality and performance.




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